Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Return To The Hunt

Hello my friends!  So much has happened, but I don't want to bore you.  I still love fans and pursuing them whenever I can.  I am divorced now.  Bad thing? Not at all.  I have a wonderful girlfriend named Cheri.  She encourages me whenever she can and embraces my passion.

Last weekend we went to an auction as is normal for us.  There wasn't anything amazing and certainly no fans.  When we left she suggested we drive to another town and look for antique stores.... I was like, "yeah!"  My son Griffin was less than enthused.  He is such a trooper though. (I am encouraging his pursuit of the No. 13 Mason Jar)  After driving around a while and finally asking for leads we ended up at some fab antique stores.  One particular was absolutely huge.  Great quality stuff.  True antiques and collectibles.  No bags of potpourri or crafts... PUKE!!!

Now you must understand my knowledge in antiques is much less than Cheri's, so I tend to walk a bit faster than her through the stores.  I quickly survey the booths. I pass on fans that are out of my price range or are completely overpriced.  Like a Brass and Brass Stamped Steel Westy, for 212... Really guys...  I hope your sucker comes along soon.  I continued on looking and found a few really great fans.

One fan particular was sitting there looking all cute and stuff.  Ironically I had just sold one just like a few months ago to my friend Pete.  Since I have regretted and told myself that I would buy a replacement first chance I got.  Then there it was perched on top of a wooden crate or something.  It was at eye level asking me to save it.

It had obviously served an owner who was not interested in it's heritage, a cruel taskmaster, one that was selfishly concerned with the function only because he had "maintained" it by replacing it's cord with the most God-awful combination of wire ties and wire nuts and electrical tape...  No concern for the fan's authenticity at all... I hate those huge thick cords with the rubber insulation!!!

So I decide the fan must be saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I negotiate a price surprisingly easy and away we go.  I will spare you the part about the careless fellow who was cutting off the tape with his pocket knife and scratched the paint!!!! "Where's my pills?"

A couple nights later I decide to spend some time with the fan righting the wrongs that time had impressed on this little electrical slave.  My skills I suppose will never leave because in a flurry of heat shrink and new cord and oil, the fan returned as close to original as it could.

It was certainly good for me to return to what I love.  I decided that my blog, that I once loved and Cheri encouraged me to begin again, had been overlooked for sometime.  So here I am.

This fan was an Emerson Electric Junior.  This fan is featured in the 1924 Emerson Electric catalog.  It was the first Emerson Junior model that was ever produced.  There was no switch...simply plug N play; so to speak.

So here are some pics both before and after.

Thanks guys for reading my stuff.  Hopefully much more to come.  Several years to catch you up on.

Crazy Larry OUT!

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