Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Great ole Fan

This little fan found its way into my life in 2008 (I think)  While visiting a friend of mine, he mentioned that he had a fan he wanted to give me.  Ah the magic words!  I was on the outside, "oh really..." but on the inside I was like, "LET ME SEE!!!"  When I saw this fan, I was overjoyed and expressed, as best I can in native tongue, my appreciation for the gift.

When I brought the fan home that day, I oiled it a little and ran it for a while... Then It was moved to the guest bedroom of our old house on a chest of drawers with three other fans for about four years.

Having recently moved and setting up my new shop it allowed me to have a lot more shelf space where all my fans could be on display in my shop.  Now this fan being light colored, just screamed at me, "Clean me next!"  So couple days ago I said, "OK little fan, it is your turn."  I was surprised to see this fan is in even better original shape than I had thought. No paint chips around the base at all.  No dents in the rear bullet.  Like it sat on a shelf somewhere after it was purchased and not moved much at all. 

After a good wipe down with a degreaser and new felt, cord and fresh oil and grease, she was running top notch.  Another wonderful Emerson preserved.

This fan is a 77646 AV.  It was manufactured by Emerson Electric Company in St. Louis in 1949.

Take care and stop back by now and again!


Staci said...

This fan is so cute! It’s like you have your own Wall-E. Fans help out by circulating the air motions in a room, which how they make the cooling effect. It would be great to see this cute fan do its job in any room.

Staci Severns

Larry Hancock said...