Friday, November 19, 2010

Out of the blue

I get lots of emails from people who are looking to sell their fans or asking value of fans. Usually I figure our that the fan is not something I want. Well that is not always the case.
A few weeks ago, A gentleman emails me discussing some fans that he has come into possession of. He inquires if I'd be interested. Generally people are very vague so I ask for pictures but he was very descriptive. He said magic words to me. I have a 32volt DC Emerson. I wanted to email him back and say, "YES SIR I'LL TAKE IT RIGHT NOW!!! HOW MUCH YOU WANT?" but you see my grandmother and grandfather taught me better than that. I said, "I don't know, send me some pictures and I will see..." When I got the photos, I was glad that I didn't overreact. The fan had some pretty serious damage. The cage had multiple broken welds, the oscillator collar (which is made of pot metal) was broken and the paint was in terrible condition. I threw him out a number and we went back and forth a couple times then we reached a decision. Then I got to worrying about his packaging abilities and wondering if the fan would survive a brush with United Parcel Smashers (borrowed that term) if it was inadequately packaged.
LIGHT BULB!!! I remembered a buddy of mine lived quite near there so I figured to myself, "Self, I bet ole buddy ole pal can do a hare better joba packing then that other fella." So I called up my friend and he said sure. I gave him my best instructions, repeating over and over, "pack it tight so it cannot move inside the box....."
So I wait and I wait and I wait and I track online... Then the day comes and since it is UPS I know it will be an evening delivery. I continue my life with it brewing on my mind, catching a glance of my watch and the clock now and again. Then I hear the truck rumbling to a stop and the screeching brakes as I look out the living room window I can see the silhouette of the truck with the lights shining. I burst out the door and meet the driver at the truck. (I really don't care if they think I am eager) When she finally turns around she is startled. I forgot that I hadn't said anything. I immediately help here with the box because I can tell this was not packaged well at all. The bottom of the box was about open... UGGGG!!! I ran inside with it shouting, "Have a nice evening!!!!"
Once in my basement, I ripped into it. Revealing the same fan in the photos. Much to my relief, there was no more damage than before. I grabbed some oil, cut the cord and applied some temporary wiring to my D.C. Outlet. I check the brushes(check) Then I turned my variac to 32volts and cranked it up. Oh what a rush... Runs like new.


Bill Arnott Photography said...

Wondering if you can proivide any info in this gilbert. I can't seem to find one like it on line.
I don't see a way to upload a pic so you can view it here.

Larry said...

I think it from the 30's

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence I happened to buy that exact Gilbert, the store is by my house.