Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Just the other day on a "nothing better to do" day. I was combing through some antique stores looking for goodies. I found myself day dreaming about a fan I had seen in another store many miles away that I had avoided because the cost was too high... I thought, "Boy, I sure would like to get a nice brown 16 inch Emerson." Well this is the part where you're gonna say, "you are making this up..." I swear it is true. I had been through nearly the entire store and was coming back downstairs and around a corner when I saw it. If it had been a snake.... or something link that. I knelt beside it thinking, "I couldn't be so lucky." I worried the price would be too high or some part might be missing.

I looked at the tag and it was a little different than any I'd seen before 77648-SG. Color scheme is the same as the AS model. Price was almost half the fan in my dream. So I picked up the beast and bounded to the cash register to request my normal 10% off.

I asked if I could test it which they always let me do. The fan came to life like a proud Emerson should.

I paid for the fan and went about our normal shopping before making the trip home. Once back at the ponderosa, I unloaded the cargo including several pounds of ancient wind mover which quickly went into the workshop for servicing. The fan needed new felt, which it got. It got a new cord and plug, fresh oil, blade balancing, and a wipe down followed by a wax job. The original paint is nearly mint. Such a joy to watch these fans operate on low speed. What a find.