Monday, October 27, 2008


Lately, I have just not had much time for fanning of any sort... Ironically yesterday morning at church two different individuals brought the subject up separately. One was telling me a story about his visit to the big apple and a guy he saw with a fan sticking out of his backpack on the subway... I guess that is better than the alternative considering our ever-present terroristic concerns these days. "SAY YES TO FANS AND NO TO BOMBS"

The other fellow was my coworker in the audio/visual room that morning and we were just catching up on both our interests. I had ask him about an airshow that he had recently attended which I guess prompted him to ask me if I'd made any purchases lately. I thought real hard and couldn't immediately come up with anything. These to fellows managed to get me thinking fans. Coincidentally we were going to one of my favorite antiquing towns just that afternoon. I hatched my plan... he he...

As always I have a mental awareness of fans in my proximity and this 12 vorty (i.e. General Electric Vortalex) was where my focus fell. This fan was probably the newest addition to the circuit and it was priced way too high. My goal you see was contingent, if I could somehow get the right deal I have the fan and if not I could easily walk away fanless and unscathed by the wifey-poo.

As I had mentioned I knew this fan existed and had stopped to check it out on several occasions. One thing that I had noticed was that it seemed to be relatively frozen. The blades turned about 1/2 rotation back and forth but they would freeze again, so I decided this was my reason for the "low-ball" offer.

I had to find the attendant to instigate the conversation that I rightly assumed would lead to a phone call (thank the Lord for cell phones). She called the booth owner and I recognized his name when she called it as a guy I had bought several fans from. I could tell that he must have been busy on the phone because her conversation was hurried sounding. She asked me question obviously prompted by him like: Does it have brass blades... Typical antique dealer mentality, not realizing there is much more to it than that. I happily answered "NO". She walked away from the counter toward the booth and the fan. I didn't follow but could still here her discussion with him. Then the slight murmur ended with an, "okay thanks". She emerged from a mountain of furniture with the fan in hand. Bullseye!!! You know sometimes you just know when it's your lucky day...

So I get the fan and take my verbal abuse happily from my wife who likes to equate my hobby to a lack of respect for her. I threw it in the back of our vehicle and we decide to walk around since it was a nice day.

Later that evening after getting some chores done, I decided to try to get that play out of the new vorty. I grabbed my Royal Purple, (Good Stuff) and went to work on it. I squirted everything I could find that moved on it. I rotated the cage because someone had turned it so that the label and everything was crooked. Then, even though the cord was pretty cracked, I decided to hook it up. I figured if I could get it to turn on its own it would work out the freeze a little faster than I could by hand.

After a slow start the hum turned into movement... Then faster, faster, Faster, FASTER!!!!!! WooHoo! I was alive and lubed. Everything worked great, oscillator, switch. It even has the original felt in-tact on the bottom... Talk about a good fan day.

Larry "Up at 3:30 with reflux from that tuna sub blogging" Hancock