Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kidney Surgery...

One night at church a friend, who knows my fan addiction, says, "Hey Larry, I have a fan for you." I said, "Oh yeah?, Keep talking." He goes on to explain that it belonged to his wife's grandmother. He said, "It is a GE!" I am thinking in the back of my mind. It is probably a teal blue GE quiet blade with the cursed rubber grommet. None the less it will be a fan. So I inform Jeff that I will be at his house after church.

As usual when I go anywhere, my son Griffin wants to go, but I am glad to have him so we take off over to Jeff's house across town. Upon arriving and ascending the stairs to his porch I notice a cardboard box on the railing of his porch. So my curiosity gets the best of me before I even knock on the door. Folks, in this box is a totally disassembled GE Kidney oscillator (minus the Kidney my luck.) All the parts were there in Ziploc bags. It was a morbid scene for a fan collector.

I knock on the door. Jeff comes out to visit and talk about the fan. Then his wife comes out and begins to tell me about the nights she spent at her Grandmother's house with this fan lulling them to sleep. When I inquired as to why it was such a basket case now, they didn't know. Just that it was found in the barn when they were cleaning after she had passed away. I told them that eventually I would have this fan running again.

After getting the fan home and surveying the damage closely I could determine that I needed a new top strut, stator, worm gear for the oscillator, and of course the kidney and its gears. I put the call out on the AFCA forum. Kim Frank sent me the top strut, stator, and another rotor with the back side cut off for use as a stationary fan till a donor can be located. Thanks Mr. Frank. Then Darryl Hudson came through with a worm gear for the original rotor. Thank you Mr. Hudson.

After spending some more time with the fan getting the three wire head wire attached to the proper places, the fan came to life. I reattached the cage and installed the switch and since we don't have a kidney still. I have a decent little GE on dialysis. If you know of a donor fan. Lemme know. It would be a beautiful end to a story.

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