Friday, May 30, 2008

Century Fun Part 1

Geez where to start.... Well, first I am sorry for not blogging more but I have been stupid busy. Excuses excuses. No one reads this anyway.

Dear Diary.... Right? Okay, so I went to Pig Pickin though I didn't stay for the pig part... On the way down I decided to enjoy the drive and hit the antique stores. I have already decided that all the good fans are gone, but I will keep on looking for some reason. I stopped in at one store and there is some nice stuff, but over priced. A 16 inch Century for 95. A Red badged Junior oscillator for 125. Come on guy they won't sell for that. This was an upscale antique store thought, the kind the folks think their stuff is gold at.

Next joint I passed but turned around to go to... Before I could even get through the door I saw it. A stinkin Century Skeletal. 12 inch S3 model. I almost missed it because it was under a tarp hanging off a folding table on the porch of this place. Now I know a lot of you guys don't think much of these but to us blue collar collectors. This is a find even if the switch is gone. I dreamt about fans like this... Little did I know what else was lacking on this fan.

Later on at another store I found a great little Vornado. I never figured I would want one, but when I saw it, I couldn't resist. It was a good deal and it runs great, but this post is about Century's.

Went on to PP. Took the thing to the shop and had a couple guys look it over. I learned that they won't start without a switch and speed coil, so the Doc hooked me up with a fairly reasonably priced stump for parts. Then we determined that the blade was incorrect. Not brass, but rather steel... Que the Doc one more time, If I wasn't paying him for the parts, I'd feel like a mooch, but for some more cash he remedied my blade issue. Now I have a fan...

This fan quickly became known as the cursed fan. But I will tell you more about that later. I want to thank everyone for their contribution to this fan's reincarnate state. Thanks Jay Bernard, Bill Fanum, Tim Trahan, Paul Graves, Larry Mong, John McComas, Geoff Dunaway, and other fellas whose names I don't quite know yet. I know many of you probably wish I hadn't showed up with this fan. You'll see me holding it in the next issue of The Fan Collector, if Tom Newcity gets my picture in there. I am going to conclude cause I am tired. But more will come later.

Century Fan Fan Larry