Monday, March 31, 2008


I recently reached a milestone. I don't know if it is a milestone personally or if other collectors feel the same. There was a time though when I just couldn't bear the idea of selling a fan. Recently though as if by some divine at peace with the universe feeling I was able to let a few go. I shipped the first one today. I felt kind of good. I felt like I was sharing my blessings. Anyway it was notable enough to me to blog.

Most of my entries are about acquisition. So it was good to tell about letting go. How many more will go? Not sure yet, but one thing is for sure, more will follow. Hang on my children, there are many good deals to be had yet. I want the young collector to have some actual antiques.

Till next time, this is crazy fan guy saying, "fans are pretty...I like fans..."

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