Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Going Postal

I've been assisting in a class that helps encourage and develop leadership qualities in men. As an assistant one of my responsibilities is to give a sample speech now and again. A couple of weeks ago I had to give one where I talked about something that interested me. Well, you can guess what my topic was... Teehee...

I prepared my spill about how my instinctive interest in fans just appeared and grew throughout my life... Part of the speech required a display or an exhibit which I was more than glad to do.

I spent the better part of Wednesday evening polishing some brass and practicing my speech. Then I hauled my fans to the class and set the fans up for display. For affect I decided to cover the fans and unveil them at just the right moment for drama.

When it came time to give the speech I tore off the covering so all the students could feast their eyes upon the glimmering brass. "OOOOOoooo AAAahhhhh!!!" After I finished speaking, I received the typical questions of value and age... Then I took my seat.

The class continued on for a little while longer as we discussed our plans for the following week. We then concluded. As is the usual situation, some gents hang around and chat. This night I was approached by several individuals who asked me many more questions. One fella brought to my attention that he worked for a post office in a nearby town. He proceeded to tell me that this building was very old and was due for renovation. In some of the "junk" he said there were two fans that he was looking to get rid of. (The two above) He told me that he was glad that he had found them a home. I told him, that was what I did. I ran a retirement home for fans.

The next Sunday morning before church services began, he came to me and told me to come with him. We walked to his car and he opened his trunk to reveal the twins you see above. These two fans are obviously both Emerson 16 inch fans. They are 79648 AK's. The interesting part is the cages and the fact that they are non bullet backs. The oil spout has a spring loaded door like a 73648. The other interesting thing is that the badges have the newer artwork. The blades are the newer Parker Blades just like my 79648 AP-G (Government issue) except these are the standard Emerson Screw-on types. The fans themselves look identical to the 73648's I have, except the differences I mentioned above. The only thing that I can conclude is that Emerson was trying to use up old parts while in a transition phase. If anyone has any explanation other than this, let me know.
Thanks to Ron Hicks for the fans. Your compassion for fans is appreciated.


Philip said...

Do you know where I can get a wiring diagram for a 79648-AP-G? My brother just took over running the "Soldiers Home" in DC and found one in the basement. He wants me to help him get it going. I would appreciate it very much if you could tell me how to get the schematic.

Larry Hancock said...

Try here.