Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fan Deformities

I have a short list of antique stores that I frequent in different towns. I know nearly every fan in each one that I have not yet purchased. After all, I have to have something to look at when I go through. It is kinda like seeing dogs in the pound. Some are just too poor to consider. Okay poor analogy... Sad part is they all have a story behind them and there they set waiting for someone to take them home.

You might recall a few blog posts back I had a very disturbing disagreement with a Westinghouse fan trying to remove the stator to replace the head wire. End result, I destroyed that fan, but I kept the carcass for parts, thinking, "you never know..."

A few weeks back I went to one of my favorite antiquing towns and one of my favorite shops. I have bought lots of fans in this shop... You might recall the Peerless and Emerson mega find. That same booth held a similar Westinghouse with micarta blades (early brittle plastic) except one of these blades was broken. I immediately thought of my spare blade laying motorless at home. The price read 25 so I asked the proprietor for a discount which much to my disappointment was rejected. With my feelings hurt and no fan added to my collection, I left the store and town dragging my pathetic lip.

This past weekend my wife said that it was mandatory that we go back to this town to shop for our daughter a new dress... Since I really offer no profitable services in the dress shopping department, I mentally arranged my alternate plans.

We took another couple along so I had one of my good friends in tow on this fan expedition. We dropped our wives and children at the mall and downtown we went. It was a cold day and the wind chill off the river just made the store hopping nearly unbearable. Store by store I found what I expected, really nothing to speak of. Last but not least, the home of the Three Winged Westy...
I combed the store for any new finds and quickly determined that there were none to be found. Having visited the Broke Blade Oscillator just briefly to make sure it was still there, I returned to take it to my buddy the shop owner for a motor test. After another failed attempt at a discount, he showed me that I did in fact run so I ended up with it for 26 and some change.

I brought the filthy child home and took it to "the cave". I figured I'd leave it overnight to give me something to look forward to. Today I cleaned it up real good and transplanted the new blade like a surgeon does a donated organ. Finally that idle blades of the cursed westy have wind in them again. Now the other little fans can't make fun of the fan anymore.

It was a good weekend.

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