Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Good Timing Part 2

A few days after the ebay adventure, I was driving through the most pleasant part of Kentucky, returning from a bid opening when my cell phone rang. It was my brother in antique arms, Jerr. He had had some correspondence with the seller. The seller wanted do discuss an issue with the fan and left his cell number. I wrote down the number and thanked Jerr again for his trouble. I really do love this guy.

I had this feeling of nervousness come over me. Was this guy going to tell me something that he "forgot to mention" in the auction... I was just sick, so I hastily dialed the guys number. He answered real quick and explained that he had sold this fan once before and the buyer didn't realize that it was this small so he refunded their money. He went on to say that there was a screw missing from the plug where the wire was to attach. I thought, "no problem!" and said, "oh really..." He went on to say, "I wanted to offer you a $5 refund for it." I said, "That would be fine." I also asked him where the fan came from. He told me it was his grandmother's and she had lived in upstate NY. I forget the town. I was a weird Indian type name. I know that really narrows it down.

After many days of waiting for Jerry to get the fan it finally came. He called me last Friday and said, "Laaarrrryyyy, it's heeeerrrreee..." I told him I'd be there after work. I ran by, opened it and checked it out and hurried home.

A couple night later I set about testing it out in my shop. I replaced the plug with one with two screws. I plugged it up and it ran fine. Then I stopped and grabbed my oil. After a good oiling, I tried it again and nothing... Oh that stinkin, sinkin feeling. My mind raced with possible problems ranging from drastic to simple. I naturally assumed the worst. I took the motor apart and checked all the internal wiring before reassembling and checking the wire inside the base. There I found that the insulation was dry and cracked very near the motor. I grabbed my wire strippers, some heat shrink, and the heat gun. I cut out the broken part and spliced it back together better than before. I crossed my fingers and plugged it up. Yippee!!! It was alive again. It is a real runner!