Monday, August 06, 2007

A Good....No Great Day!!!!

Wow, what a day... My kids are gone with the in-laws and I have the day off from work. Couldn't get much better huh??? Well hold on to you seat.

I had promised my wife that I'd take her shopping one day, and today ended up being the day. I asked her where she wanted to go, but she could not decide between the few towns we frequent. I took it up myself to decide. I decided to go to a town where there might, just might, be some antiques. Needless to say I did not announce my reasons... he he.

Anyway we were off for the hour drive to our destination. Once there we sat about our normal routine; this store, then that one, then lunch... It was during lunch that I asked where she wanted to go next. She said, "home I guess." I said, "No way, I didn't take of work for this alone. We have to do something else." She said, "You just want to go downtown and look at antiques..." To which I replied, "You know... That is a great idea!" I was a little sarcastic...

She agreed to go and much to my surprise she actually wanted to get out of the car and go with me... (I do love her sometimes. It is all about the little things...) Back to the point. We hit the usual places. Old multi-story brick downtownish type buildings. Store by store. One of which had gone out of business. We perused them quickly. Then I, nearing the end of the block noticed that only one store remained. My first vague recollection was that it didn't have much in good antiques, it was also a sports card shop and memorabilia store. Then just as I was about to do an about face and head back to the car, I decided to go on in.

I entered the establishment, wife in tow, and remembered the three stories of antiques and how I'd purchased a GE Vortalex here a few years ago. We casually wondered around eyeing carefully every nook and cranny of every booth. I saw a small GE, steel blades, and remembered my recent promise to myself, that I wasn't buying anymore fans unless they were exceptional and decently priced, so I kept on walking.

I made if up the stairs and surveyed the familiar layout almost missing a closet-like indention in the back wall. I carefully avoided tripping over the objects in the floor that littered my path as I walked back toward the area that I had just noticed. I was thinking all the while that there would be nothing worthwhile in there. Probably a bunch of crafts or some type of antique object that is furthest from my relm of interest.

I think I actually looked and started to turn away when my feet froze on the spot... I thought to myself, "Larry, there I think there was some brass in there..." I whirled around and sure enough I saw several fans in the this little, nearly invisible, area.

There was a mixture of fans in there some really interesting and some not so... I first noticed an Emerson 28645 and then glanced to see a small Peerless too. Then I started flicking tags. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had to sit there and stare at them for a while. Not only were they nice fans, but the price couldn't have been lower.

I got up and walked away, trying to recover from the shock. I grabbed my cell phone and gave my wife a ring. I said, "Honey, I..." She said, "I know, you found some fans..." I sheepishly replied, "uh yeah, I gotta have em."

After my heart started working again I ran back to them and picked up the two beauties below and ran down the stairs to the check out. I haggled with the guy and got 5 bucks knocked off the price. Always haggle, that's the fun part!

Emerson 28645

Peerless 230510

Well I got the finds home and gave them some oil, straightened their cages a little, and tightened their bolts. They came right to life.
Post hunt info: We got home and still being childless we went to eat dinner with some friends at a fabulous Italian restaurant. Then we went with them to our local rodeo and watched a few events there. (See, I told you I would blog about you Ginger.)
The day turned out to be a great blessing. Great fan finds, quality time with my wife, and good times with great friends. It was a great day!


Anonymous said...

Definately a good day for you!


Anonymous said...

Oh, your poor wife. Think you out smarted her. Trust me she knows your game, she knew what you wanted her to say. Don't mess with the best!

P.S. Love you

viking fan said...

I have an old emerson (running in thr bckground now, non-oscillator, with pyramid center badge and number 28646. I'm guessing late 1920's? the blades look brass, but more like painted brass, the rest is black.
The only other fan (in my "collection" if you will), is a late 1940's? GE "Vortalex", Spec. 272769-1, No. 42811, 10 inch desk fan. It has 9.5 inch blades with 12" cage and runs great, fast and quiet and oscillates very smoothly!!

Larry Hancock said...

Those Vortalexes are smooth. I love the shape of the blades... 28646 should be brass blades because the 29646 is... Circa 1929 per AFCA Gallery... You need to shoot me some photos.