Friday, July 06, 2007

The Business Trip

About two weeks ago I had to deliver a sealed bid to a bid opening. I was going to a town that I had never been to before and it was a pretty fur piece off, as my grandma says. Anytime I go on these trips I keep an eye peeled for antique stores. We'll the weather was not real nice and I had to take a detour way out of the way one time because of an accident on the interstate, but old Eagle Eye Hancock was on the job. I spotted two billboards on the way that boasted 200 plus booths. I thought to myself, "Self you're gonna have to check these out."

I went on about my rat killin' as dear old mom says. I met a client for lunch, delivered my bid, went to the bid opening, and visited with a sub-contractor. Soon after all this hoopla I was back on the interstate.

I don't remember what exit it was, I wouldn't tell even if I did, but I whipped the car off the road and pulled onto this service road leading to a large white building. I was getting excited just thinking about the potential inside.

When I got inside, I could tell this was a great antique store. It was not your typical antique/crafts store, it was pure antiques. There was a lot of things like old signs, telephones, furniture, toys, and yes fans!!!! There were several.

I followed my normal game-plan. I browsed the entire store aisle by aisle, taking mental note of all the goodies and their prices. When I saw the fan above, I thought well you don't see many of these around... It is a Delco fan and I understand it was manufactured by the General Motors company. I always was a Chevy man. I think this fan was manufactured around 1935...

I decided on it after my tour, and backtracked until I finally found it again. I went up to the lady at the front and asked her if she'd consider taking less for it, since I didn't have enough cash left to pay the sticker price. It was deal or no deal... She had her husband bring it up and she got on the phone with the booth owner. She stepped in the back as if it was wrong to for me to listen to the conversation. A few minutes later she returned with a smile and said, "okay."

I thanked them for their time and for a great antiquing experience and headed out for Sikeston. When I finally got home, I brought it in and plugged it up (fingers and toes crossed). It worked great and oscillates great. Good Fan Day!


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