Thursday, June 14, 2007

Have You Ever Been There?

I found myself wondering recently, as I looked at the multitude of fans on ebay, what fans interest me? Well we all know Northwinds do, but I am also a bit of a tightwad. So I have to find an interest first then be able to get a good deal. I just cannot bring myself to pay big bucks for a fan when cheaper and just as satisfying fans are available. For instance, this little 8" Star-Rite fan. I watched it dutifully for a week. Then I threw out a bid I felt comfortable with and bada bing, it's mine.

This little jewel came from California. The guy said he bought it along with 18 other fans from a friend who traveled the world in search of antiques. He is supposed to be getting some more information for me.

Anyway, the fan came in Tuesday night. It was packed very well. I plugged it up and it ran remarkably. I didn't realize that it was an AC/DC motor until I received it and saw the cute little brush caps on the back. Anyway, here it is straight from some guys attic in Salida, CA. Click the photo to enlarge.


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