Wednesday, June 27, 2007


My fan world was rocked the other day. I was informed that I would be the new webmaster of the AFCA. I have been wanting to help with the site for years. We'll here I am, I have my wish. To those who made it possible, thanks! To all the AFCA members, I hope I can serve you well. To all fan fans everywhere, Enjoy the hobby and Join the club. The magazines alone are awesome. To my cohort Rod, thanks for your vote of confidence.

I will be back here real soon to tell you about a cool Westinghouse I picked up the other day... BTW, if you're reading the BST forum, send me a strut... Come on.

Party on party people!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Have You Ever Been There?

I found myself wondering recently, as I looked at the multitude of fans on ebay, what fans interest me? Well we all know Northwinds do, but I am also a bit of a tightwad. So I have to find an interest first then be able to get a good deal. I just cannot bring myself to pay big bucks for a fan when cheaper and just as satisfying fans are available. For instance, this little 8" Star-Rite fan. I watched it dutifully for a week. Then I threw out a bid I felt comfortable with and bada bing, it's mine.

This little jewel came from California. The guy said he bought it along with 18 other fans from a friend who traveled the world in search of antiques. He is supposed to be getting some more information for me.

Anyway, the fan came in Tuesday night. It was packed very well. I plugged it up and it ran remarkably. I didn't realize that it was an AC/DC motor until I received it and saw the cute little brush caps on the back. Anyway, here it is straight from some guys attic in Salida, CA. Click the photo to enlarge.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My First Pig Pickin

Well I finally got to go. I have wanted to make the journey for two years now. I wanted to see the legendary collection, yes, but mostly, I wanted to meet some of the folks in the AFCA and shake some hands. To me some of these individuals were just faces in magazines and text on a message board. Now I can say otherwise. It is easy to read people wrong when all you do is correspond via email and message boards. I will say for the most part, everyone was friendly, and they welcomed me in to their midst. I was labeled "that guy with the web page..." Which I am used to. In high school I was "that guy with the cool Monte Carlo." It's okay. You have to start somewhere.

Fans, fans, and more fans!!! They were everywhere. Everyone, knowing that it was my first time visiting, kept saying, "what do you think?, kinda overwhelming isn't it?" I would smile and say yes. I spent much of my time walking around looking at the vast collection. I actually made a video and took several photos. I am in the process of converting it to a DVD with music. While I was strolling one time, I found a pile of old Fan Collector magazines. I decided to sit down and skim through a couple. Wouldn't you know that fate would lead me to an article on the Dr. I think it was in one of the 98 issues. Anyway I decided to read it. It talked about how he started and mentioned his influences, but one comment that stuck out in my mind, was he said something like, "I originally intended to get around to restoring each fan, but I quickly acquired more than I could do in a lifetime." It really got me to thinking about the future and my priorities. Fans are great, to me, but I don't want to become obsessed to the point of neglecting my family. Thanks for the lesson, Doc.

Where To Start...

As usual I take little breaks from blogging due to the goings-on in life. This past intermission was made of several little distractions.

First May, is always a busy month. I usually get roped into producing a video/slideshow for our churches graduating seniors. This year was no different. My son had preschool graduation this year also. To top it all off I decided to go to my first Pig Pickin. I must say for those of you who haven't gone it was fun. It blew my mind that one person could own so many fans. All I could think was these are fans I will never have the chance to find. I met a lot of great people. I watched guys work on fans in the workshop. I even brought home a few fans all from the free pile. This ties directly into another story, but first the fans. I got a Northwind 450, Westinghouse Power-Aire pedestal, and two little 8” Zero fans. All free!!!!

My friend Russell had actually pulled this Power-Aire from the free pile and started working on it. I said, I can’t believe that came from that pile and he said you want it? I said sure and threw it in the back of the Honda. I brought it home and drug my new fans to the cave. One night my kids went to spend some time with their grandparents so I decided to take a look at the ped. I started cleaning and dismantling it. I got the bright idea to cut some wires out of the switch housing. What tool do I use instead of wire cutters???? A pocket knife…. That was real sharp… I cut my middle finger to the bone! Mind you this was ten at night on Sunday before Memorial Day. We rushed to the ER and 4 hours later I got 4 stitches and a nice bill. Stupid!!!

Then about three days later my wife has a hysterectomy. So that gave us four days in the hospital. Another nice bill, but we’ll survive. It has been two weeks since her surgery and you can’t really tell anything changed except she can’t drive or lift anything.

Well that’s my story and I’m stickin to it. I have some things to share, but that will come a little later. More on pig pickin and other things.