Friday, May 11, 2007

The Gift

I know what you are thinking, Larry you hate those fans... Well, that's not true you see, I hate working on the motors of those fans. I had one bad experience. That experience taught me something though. So all in all it was a good experience.

Anyway, the other day a guy emails me about the value of this fan. I told him that these fans weren't worth a lot because there are so many of them. I was on my business trip to New Orleans at the time so I didn't hear back for a while. When I finally did, the guy, much to my surprise offer to sell me the fan for the cost of shipping. I have never had such a generous offer. I was touched and I want to tell you why.

Some of you already know I have a somewhat sappy attitude toward fans. My collection is not just a collection, but retirement home for fans of sorts. Really it is more like fan heaven. They come here and rest. They are cleaned up and given a place of respect among their peers. Now, I am not crazy, I just pretend like it. It gives this boring world a little spice. I don't talk to them...much... I digress. I also keep a spreadsheet with information about each fan. Age, where it came from, who owned it if possible, etc... (I hope to have the information available to you when I finish my updates to my website.)

That is why this fan means so much to me. The fellow who gave me the fan, told me it had belonged to his parents and grandparents before. He was taking care of business that we all have to take care of at one point in our lives, handling our families estate. It is sad, but there are little rays of sunlight that shine through from time to time. I was touched one such ray, and am thankful that Tom and I crossed cyber paths. I love fans, but I also love the history of them. This little Westy is rich with it. So I wanted to say thanks Tom for sharing!


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