Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Second Look

I bought this little fan a long time ago. I took it downstairs like I do all my fans for testing. This particular fan did not run. Boy I can tell you I was mad! Anyway, I bought this beast before I learned about AC DC motors and brushes. So I gave up and put it on the shelf. For a couple years I would just walk by and look at it and groan.

The fan is A Star/Fitzgerald 1200. It was manufactured in Torrington, CT.

After my Northwind experiences I learned a lot about AC DC motors. So the other day it occurred to me that maybe I could take a second look. So I did. I notice that I had no brush spring or cap on onside of the motor. Duh... I rummaged around in my shop and found a leftover spring that fit and a piece of metal which I bent to fit over the brush housing. I oiled it and applied power. AHHHH!!!! It really is an unequalled feeling. Success.

Moral: Sometimes when you get frustrated, just set it up on a shelf for a while and come back later. Time just has a way.

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