Saturday, April 14, 2007

At Long Last...

I have been after this fan for sometime, but the prices on ebay have been through the roof. You maybe saying, "Larry don't you already have a few of those?" Hold on a sec.

The price on ebay have been a little erratic lately. Some fans will go crazy others slip in under the radar. Like this one. This was a case of a seller not know what he had, or maybe he did. Anyway... The photo on ebay showed the oscillator (fuzzy). It was like looking at photos of UFO's. I was like, "is it? yeah, squeak for joy, I think it is." Now your asking what. True I do have 3 Northwind 450's, but not one like this....

That is a Ball Detent oscillator. Emerson Northwind Type 450A. The first 450 model.

The ups and downs. I could see in the photo that the head wire was blown. It happens on these. The seller did describe the item as nonworking so I was taking a chance that nothing else was wrong. This seller was not real prompt in returning email. They did however ship it quickly, which poses a question. Riddle me this...does a plastic sack and shredded paper constitute proper packaging materials. The answer is no. The cage was pretty warped. Fortunately no irreparable damage.

I stayed up pretty late last night working on this fan. Straightening the cage and blades, greasing the gears in the oscillator, oiling the shaft and oscillator, Oooo here's a tip you may have known that my Maintenance friend James told me about... sanding the edges of your carbon brushes back down to flat then clean the commutator with the white stick he gave me. Then I replaced the head wire with my signature green and yellow cloth. Moment of truth... Remember this is a 1917 universal motor... Well, I will just say I was impressed and scared at the same time. Impressed with my skills and scared by the haunting perfection with which this fan performed. The RPM's oooo the sound of those blades whirling at that speed.




Michael said...

An outstanding find!The ones
under the rader are the fun ones
to get.

Larry Hancock said...

I don't know, I wish there was no radar... No what I mean?