Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Friends and Fans

Today was just like any other day in regards to normal activities. I took the kids to school then took myself to work. As usual, I thought about fans as I worked. I reviewed eBay during lunch... I longed to come home.

I had to come home early today to meet with our heat and air guy. He had installed a monitor in our home to measure particulates. Not good news there.

My daughter's ninth birthday is coming up so mom and her were delivering party invitations. Just so happens one of my friend's daughter is friends with my daughter so there were stopping by his house.

After the HVAC guy and I were well into our meeting the other half of my family returned home. My daughter came in and announced that Mr. Chris (my friend) had given me a fan. I whirled around in my seat to see what the fan in the above picture. I called to thank him for this generous gift. One reason I consider this fan so special in my collection is that this fan belonged to Chris' Grandfather (Paul Eakins). I know how much Chris' Grandfather meant to him...

Mr Eakins was known for his collection of band-organs in Sikeston. He had one of the largest collection if not the largest collection ever know to exist in one place. Later in life he sold most of his collection to Disney.

As you can tell it is a GE. More specifically it is an F126047, Form-AE2, Type-AOU Spec.-272148-1, Cat. 75423. It is a 3 speed 16inch. Great running fan.

I just wanted to share it.



Anonymous said...

I bought a fan just like this off eBay a few months ago and yesterday a friend of mine got it running. It runs good but takes a few seconds to come up to speed and whines a bit when running. Man does this thing blow air!! It sounds like an old WW2 fighter plane taking off!! It is completely chromed out, base and all. do you have any idea of the fan's age. my tag numbers are similar to yours:Cat.75425CF, No.R4642, Spec.272341-1, Form AF14. mine didnt have a number for TYPE.
Chad Hamann
Montauk, NY

Larry Hancock said...

I would say it is circa late 30's... +/- 5 years.

Thanks for posting...


viking fan said...

Wow larry that was quick, just reading some of your fan stories. I'm sure my fiance will treat my affliction with old stuff the same as your wife does...with lots of patience.

Larry Hancock said...

I hope you can overlook my spelling and grammer errors...

I hope she has more than my wife.