Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Day Unexpected

We'll let me tell you about today. Saturday morning... so naturally I am trying to sleep in. My wife had already informed me that she and her mother were going shopping, so I did not expect the day to be very eventful. Besides the fact that I had fan hunting fever so bad because I had just read the most recent issue of fan collector where Darryl and Dick were both showing off their latest jewels...

So I finally roll out of bed around 8:30, I wonder into the kitchen , warm a doughnut, and grab a Dr. Pepper from the fridge. Next, To the recliner! Remote in hand I surf the channel guide to find that King Kong was just coming on one of our movie channels. (1st unexpected perk)

Then during King Kong, my friend calls. He is telling me that his new boss has this computer that he wants to see if I can help with. (This is the same friend that you've read about that works in the antique store.) He goes on to tell me about how this guy brought in 3 fans for sale and he thinks one is a junior... This gets my attention and I'm thinking I may have to make a trip to check these babies out. He asks if I want him to bring the computer over and I say yeah since I have the kids and all.

He brings the "puter" over and I work on it for a few hours. When I see that the solution is close at hand, he mentions that he might take care of getting that junior for me since I had been so kind. (2nd unexpected perk)

Then he asks if I have any old monitors and I say yeah and show him this great old 17 inch CRT that was in my basement closet. He likes it so I mention something about a trade for another of the fans... He smirks and agrees. (3rd not-so-unexpected perk)

He is going to work tomorrow and will bring the fan or fans back to me. I am a big fan of anticipation and especially fan related anticipation... I will post photos when they arrived. Today turned out to be a great day after all.

Later Yall


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