Monday, February 26, 2007

A Long Time Coming

Gather round children for yet another fan story.

You may recall my post about my brother and how he seemed to show an early spark of interest in antique fans. He went on a fan buying spree and bought me an old Hunter and Emerson. Well back then is where this story begins.

On one of my brothers hunts he recalled "a fan called a Northwind". He passed this fan up for two reasons. One was the fact that the cage was "bent bad outta shape". Two, the fan was way too expensive. I am going somewhere with this story.

The antique store that this fan was waiting for me in was owned by a family friend that my brother and I had known all our lives. So even though my brother continued to assure me that he still wouldn't come down on the price, I held out hope.

Months went by, I made several trips to Arkansas and drove by the store many times. I never forgot this fan. I didn't know what model number it was, but that didn't really matter.

Finally weekend before last my family decided to make the trip once again. This time the same brother was getting married and I had the duty of best man. (beside the point) We decided to leave early Friday afternoon. The trip was about 1.5 hours, so we arrived in my hometown around 4:45. The store was still opened so I told the wife, "I'm gonna stop in here real quick." The eyes began to roll.

After searching around the store a little while I finally gave up and called my brother on the cell phone. He quickly led me over to the booth where heaven's light was shining down on a little mangled 444B. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had just been sure it would be a 44 or a 450 as there seems to be more of those. After looking at the price and the shape of it (wondering if I could reshape the cage or not) I decided to pass too. We walked around the store and were about to leave when I saw my old friend who owned the store. We exchanged small talk a moment and I told him about my brother's wedding etc... Toward the end of the conversation, I thought, "what the heck, I'll give it a shot." I said, "I have a question about an old fan you have." I asked him what his bottom dollar was. He looked at me and then the tag and said, "for you, I'll take half." My eyes lit up I just know it. I looked at the wife and she said, "okay..."

Needless to say, I was elated at the thought of rescuing yet another little fan. My only fear was did it run and could I reshape the cage and blades.

When we stay at my Grandmother's house there isn't much to do because she lives way out in the country. Saturday morning I woke up early, ate my breakfast, and started thinking about that fan. I decided to start working on it. I went to my late grandfather's toolbox and grabbed what I needed. I sat down by the old woodburning stove in her house and began to disassemble the fan. Once I had it apart, I started pushing and pulling gingerly. Before I knew it, the cage was perfect again. I picked up some pliers and started working on the blades. Then the moment of truth. I plugged it in and switched it on. I came right on, smooth as silk. A smile spread across my face and I felt that feeling. That feeling makes it all worth it.

My grandmother was looking over my shoulder then she turned to look at my wife and said, "same ole Larry."

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Stop the Insanity

This fan is a Northwind 450B. It is a 32Volt DC motor. Sold on ebay for 90+. People... Do you have a fever? I like them too but come on...

Let me know what you think...