Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Fan Speed Is On Low

Over the past several weeks some things have changed a little in my life. First we have had terrible Internet service. This has hindered my ability to blog and to search for fans on eBay. These are two of my main things. Second we renewed some old friendships and that has taken away from our already low supply of free time. This has diminished my fan time somewhat also. Finally that same ole story, the family. It seems like things are increasingly demanding. The children and wife are the norm, but problems with my mom and brother are taking their emotional toll.

I wanted to give a shout out to the fan gods (joke) and my fan fans who visit from time to time. Keep stopping by. Keep emailing me with your pictures and so on.

I am toying with an idea for a blog topic. It is called The AFCA, A Love/Hate Relationship...

Let me know your thoughts.



Anonymous said...

I can relate to the family demands. you just have to balance everything and then if you have time later, you can do your own thing with fans or whatever.

Family is first and always has to be.


Larry Hancock said...

Yeah, But it really grates my nerves when they are so dramatic and dependant. Thanks for blogging Buddy.

Anonymous said...

i also have a hard time getting totaly behind the afca. fifty bucks to become basicly a third world member. maybe i"m just not a [joiner],but they have a couple of real [ members]if you know what i mean.