Sunday, November 26, 2006

Deco Sucker Punch

Okay, here is (or was) my general opinion on all fans Deco. Excluding Silver Swans and GE Quiet Blades, I hated them. I couldn't understand why anyone would like them. Example Freshn'd Aires ,Zephyrs (?sp), etc... They just don't have the character. They don't speak to me. That was until yesterday...

Yesterday, Saturday of a long holiday weekend. Overexposure to poultry, inlaws, and the local shopping mall. The family decided to go shopping and some how it was arranged so that I could go to the downtown historic district to look for antiques. Color me ecstatic. Now I have combed the stores on several occasions and knew nearly all the fans that they had, but I am always hopeful that something new will crop up.

This trip started like many others. I start on one street and work my way toward the river. The first store I go in I see a new one. It was one that I had either never seen or never really paid attention to. A Westinghouse Just like the one in the picture except it was all black. I fell in love with it. In fact I decided that if I didn't find anything better I would come back for this. So I went through the rest of the store, and I found one just like it except it would in better condition. I found a nice 77648 AS too. Through the rest of the trip I found the same ole stuff except for a reasonably price Mathes. I may go back for that some day soon.

So I decided to go back and get the Westinghouse. Now let me explain what intrigued me so about this fan. I have one like it but it is a 16 inch model and I never knew they made them in anything less than 12. Being a fan of smaller fans, I found it to be less overbearing in the deco department. Not so gaudy and baroque, if I can forcibly apply that term. Check out the pictures. Runs like a charm.

My wife called me whilst I was shopping and told me I could not buy any fans. I hung up and thought to myself..."Yeah, Okay..."

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