Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I love you honey!

Some of my fan friends have had a similar problem in their fan collecting hobby... their wives. The other day, I was combing through my ebay desirables and I had a couple on my watched list that were ending that day just a few hours apart. One was this little Eskimo that you see on the right and the other was an A.C. Gilbert Polar Cub.

The Polar Cub was ending first. It was actually ending in the middle of the afternoon of the workday. I had to get on to check it! The price was right so I bid. Immediately outbid, so I rebid a little more. Immediately outbid again! I am getting very frustrated at this time cause I was within the last thirty seconds. "Last one!", I think to myself as I enter the numbers of my final maximum bid. "You are the current high bidder!" Success!!!!! Well I was happy even though I paid more than I intended to. I went to brag to some friends at work about my newest acquisition.

Later that day at the house I logged on and started watching this Eskimo fan. It had one bidder. I really had written off the possibility of getting this one, because I figured I was going to be in enough trouble over the Polar Cub. Anyway I kept on sitting there drooling over it. As the auction end time neared I talked myself into entering one bid that was like the minimum increment. Thinking to myself, "I'll never get this one." Well... I was wrong. I anxiously entered the minimum bid. Then to my shock I saw that all too familiar phase in green writing. "You are the current high bidder" I was dead.

I let it go. I decided not worry about it. I figured that I would just think about a way to explain it. I went over to a friend's house later to help him set up his Xbox Live account and when I returned, I returned to a frustrated wife asking if I had something to tell her. I just looked at her and honestly said, "I love you!" I lived to bid again.



Buddy Manuel said...

LOL. Great story. I have to figure out when my wife is going to be home or not so I can sneak my new acquisitions into the shed!!


kerribee said...

Hey all you fan guys...I am the wife and I am the one who has to explain to the husband why I need ANOTHER fan. It's not easy from this vantage point either. I just keep telling him that it's better than a new pair of shoes or more perfume.

Buddy said...

Hmmm. kerribee

You stated that "it's better than a new pair of shoes or more perfume"

I'll have to try that one on my wife :>)

kerribee said...

You can try that but I bet she won't think another fan is better than new shoes. Maybe if she gets to buy new shoes everytime you get a fan, she can't complain then. That would work on me if my husband was the one buying something that I thought was silly

Larry Hancock said...

My wife buys home interior crap and it keeps her somewhat at bay.

kerribee said...

I also like the "home interior crap" but I use fans as decorations too. (there's at least one in every room)

I have been known to sneak in a couple here and there since my husband doesn't keep up with every single fan in the house. But I will give him credit, he is helping me restore my first one.

Larry Hancock said...

Cool! What are your restoring?

kerribee said...

well, since it's our first one, I didn't want to pick a really good one and then not do a good job, so it's just like a practice one. It's a Hunter type 16. There's so much we don't know, so we are just giving it the ole college try. It didn't have any blades when we got it so we robbed some off of another not so nice cg16. We're in the process of priming and painting, I hope we picked the right paint and primer to use and we are going good so far. I'd hate to do all this work for naught.

Chris said...

I know the feeling - with my parents though (being a youn 'un 18 year old), as I collect vintage televisions! Now that I own a car though, it is somewhat easier though!