Thursday, October 26, 2006

Flirting With Disaster

I have been into Northwinds for a while now (as some of you know from reading my blog.) I thought I knew all about them. I knew there was a Type 44, Type 444, and Type 450. They are not fancy high-end fans. There is no brass on them, well not counting the badge... I am not sure what draws me to them. I think it is the fact that they are not extremely desirable to others that draws me to them. They also run like the dickens. We are talking crazy rpms.

Anyway, Like I was saying, I thought I knew all there was to know about them. The other day I was surfing eBay. I was going through the new listings, and what should I happen upon, but a Type 55. What are you talking about??? I couldn't believe my eyes. Into the watch list it went with six days to go.

Fast forward to the last day. It just happen to fall on a Sunday afternoon. Keep in mind I had been watching this diligently for days. The auction ended right in the middle of a play we had tickets for. Now I feel like a lucky guy, but not lucky enough to tell my wife I can't go to a play because of a fan auction. So I waited as long as I could and placed a bid just a few minutes before leaving. There was another bidder, but I passed he/she right up. I figured they would probably wait to the last minute and out bid me.

So here I am watching the Sikeston Little Theatre's production of The Beverly Hillbillies, and all I can think about is, yes you guessed it, this little beauty. After the play was over my wife informed me that we all had to go to the grocery store together. Arrrggghhhh! She really knows how to hurt me. Finally, after what seemed like forever, we arrived at the homestead. I brought all the groceries in, then quietly slinked off to the basement. I nervously punched in my eBay password and clicked on the my eBay button. I rejoiced when I saw the notice informing that I had 1 item that I had to pay for. Yes!!!! Victory!

Now, if you are a knowledgeable person on Northwinds and you know of another Type # that I have not mentioned here, be nice, email me and tell me or send me a photo...


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I love you honey!

Some of my fan friends have had a similar problem in their fan collecting hobby... their wives. The other day, I was combing through my ebay desirables and I had a couple on my watched list that were ending that day just a few hours apart. One was this little Eskimo that you see on the right and the other was an A.C. Gilbert Polar Cub.

The Polar Cub was ending first. It was actually ending in the middle of the afternoon of the workday. I had to get on to check it! The price was right so I bid. Immediately outbid, so I rebid a little more. Immediately outbid again! I am getting very frustrated at this time cause I was within the last thirty seconds. "Last one!", I think to myself as I enter the numbers of my final maximum bid. "You are the current high bidder!" Success!!!!! Well I was happy even though I paid more than I intended to. I went to brag to some friends at work about my newest acquisition.

Later that day at the house I logged on and started watching this Eskimo fan. It had one bidder. I really had written off the possibility of getting this one, because I figured I was going to be in enough trouble over the Polar Cub. Anyway I kept on sitting there drooling over it. As the auction end time neared I talked myself into entering one bid that was like the minimum increment. Thinking to myself, "I'll never get this one." Well... I was wrong. I anxiously entered the minimum bid. Then to my shock I saw that all too familiar phase in green writing. "You are the current high bidder" I was dead.

I let it go. I decided not worry about it. I figured that I would just think about a way to explain it. I went over to a friend's house later to help him set up his Xbox Live account and when I returned, I returned to a frustrated wife asking if I had something to tell her. I just looked at her and honestly said, "I love you!" I lived to bid again.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My First Polar Cub

Say what you will about eBay, but I have to say one thing in it's defense... It provides guys like me that don't get the opportunity to buy fans that often a better chance. Take for example this little AC Gilbert Polar Cub. I got on ebay the other day and saw it. I have seen many Polar Cubs pass my way, but none (save the occasional Mysto) ever jumped out at me. This little jewel found it's way on my watch list along with another I will tell you about later. I had a reminder on my outlook to check back closer to bid time.

Time rolled around, I logged in and noticed no significant increase in price since initial contact so I bid. My bid ended unchallenged! Cue adrenaline!!!! YET ANOTHER VICTORY FOR BARGAIN HUNTING FAN COLLECTORS EVERYWHERE! Well it was for me anyway. It just goes to show you that if you won't be stupid and pay those ridiculous prices for fans the prices will come down. People who are in it just for the money will lose interest and the true fan loving collectors can roam freely in their native land once again.

The fan came in yesterday. My wife and kids just loved how tiny it was, you would have thought I was holding a puppy. I had to do some work on it though. First the motor was mounted on the base backward. The cord hole was in the front of the base, "WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!" The eBay seller said something about the hole being for a switch... I knew better. Perhaps that is one reason not many folks bid on the fan thinking it was missing a part. I switched that around. I fed the cord through top of the base and the hole at the bottom like it was originally intended to be. Finally the cage was on sideways. I rotated it 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Boom Baby! Peace, Harmony, and Love for the universe.

Thanks for reading my junk. Let me hear from you.