Friday, September 22, 2006

Fanning With Family

My dearest brother came to visit last weekend and brought a couple fans up for me. One was an Emerson 77648 TE and the other was this little 10 inch Hunter that you see on the left.

He had been leary to plug either of them in, but I am always willing (if there is no bare spots in the cords and sometimes even then...) So after establishing that they both "worked", we sized up the quality.

First the Emerson, the blades were so out of balance that the thing literally jumped across my carport floor. Next the Hunter, this fan ran as quiet as I have come to expect Hunters to. However, I did find that there is something internally wrong with the oscillator. No matter how we adjusted the tension control, it would stop oscillating at the same point.

We took the fans down into the "Fan Cave". I really wanted to give them both a little attention to see if we could make them better. My brother told me that he had fully intended on restoring the Hunter. I was a little shocked. He had helped me work on a Hunter of mine once, so I have been gradually excited as he expressed more and more interest in the hobby. So I told him to start taking the Hunter apart, keeping up with all the screws and internal parts. Once he had disassembled the fan, I gave him further instruction on prepping the parts for paint the next day. While he followed my instructions, I set about balancing the 648's blades. I grabbed my Sharpie and my channel locks and I went at it. About two hours later, I had the thing running as smooth as I could without a stobe. My brother had the parts ready for paint.

The next day we found the paint we wanted to use at Auto Zone. He finished the painting in one afternoon. I think our patience level proves our relation. I told him the more time your spend on the details, the better it will look. He pointed out something very true, that this was not an extremely rare fan so it was not worth a tremendous effort. Wise Dave!

Having said all this, I will say some more. The hobby of fans is more fun when you have someone else who likes it to share it with. I know what you are thinking, that is the whole premise of the AFCA... Yes except in my case, I cannot afford to travel to some of the regionals. Most are too far away. I hope to visit the "Barn" in November. Maybe Dave will go with me.

Anyway, I digress. Here are some photos of the finished Hunter that we "finished" in under two days.

Monday, September 11, 2006

My Family

My little brother recently moved back home after a six year commitment in the Air Force. I have thoroughly enjoyed having him home. We talk on the telephone almost every day. We have been spending quite a bit of time together on the weekends too.

Over Labor Day weekend he came to visit. At some point he got into my blog and started reading some posts. He made several positive comments. The idea of him developing an interest in fans was very exciting to me.

This past weekend I get a call from him. He's like, "Guess what!" I'm like, "What???" He says, "I bought a fan today!" I smiled a little. He say, "It's a Hunter..." After a few moments of talking about this fan, he had to go so we got off the phone.

Later that same day, he call again. He say,"I've struck again." I said, "What do you mean?" He says, "I bought an Emerson this time." I told him that I was excited that he was getting into this. It was then he said, "I like it for the history." I told him that I understood exactly what he meant.

Tonight we talked for nearly an hour about a couple fans he had seen in a shop and he described them. I told him to go back an try to get them.

So long story short... I have someone that seems honestly interested in talking about fans. Someone that isn't on a message board and halfway rude when you try to talk to them. Someone that you can talk to without paying for an expensive hotel and event fees while doing so. Don't get me wrong people, if I had the money, I'd be at Fan Fair.

I wish there were more people interested in talking fans. Seriously just talking fans. I am toying with the idea of hosting a regional for people to come to in Sikeston. We could go to Lamberts and have throwed rolls.

One idea would be nice if more folks in the AFCA would signup for msn messenger or yahoo messenger where they could instant message each other. There seems to be a lot of folks that want to instant message each other, but they won't do this. I don't understand.