Sunday, August 27, 2006

Westinghouse Whirlwind

Sometimes in my "eBay time" I run across a fan that just speaks to me.

Take this one for example. Just a little over a couple weeks ago, I was surfing and I almost passed it by. It screamed at me, "LARRY! HELP ME!" I replied, "Okay little fan. I will do what I can." Long story even longer... I bought it and the dutiful postal service sent it my way.

After I won the auction, I noticed that the seller did not accept PayPal. Bummer... I had our bank runner at work go get me a money order. No biggie, I just hate the wait.

Yesterday my daughter came in from playing with her friend and she was carrying this little jewel. I impatiently opened it up. I pulled it out and thought, "Man! This guy wasn't kidding when he said it needed a new cord." I thought I would be brave and plug it in anyway. Mistake! POP!!!! It reminded me of the time I blew a headwire on one of my Northwinds.

Later... In the fan cave...

Dr Larry carefully disassembles the little Whirlwind. I surveyed the damage and got all my tools and wiring accessories out. After a few minutes I had the fan reassembled and ready to plug in. Tension builds, Moment of truth. It did whril, but it made a terrible racket. Nurse! Oil! A few drops and the beaut was stealth. Well, not quite, but much better.

Then looked at the bottom. The original felt was long gone. So I got out some of my green felt and a sharpie. I trace around the base, cut it out, and with a little spray adhesive, we were in business.

Well little fan, you're home. Take you place.



Anonymous said...

well done doctor


Katie said...

Hey Larry,
Thanks for the fan you gave me. I keep meaning to take a pic and send it to you. It looks great in my little old house. :) And it runs well! -Katie

Larry Hancock said...

You're so welcome Katie! It makes me happy that you like it. I look forward to the picture.