Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Doctor Fan

I NEED THERAPY!!!! I know what some of you are saying. "You can say that again..." Well you see, to me when life gets tough, I can just turn on a fan. It literally blows my troubles away. (Spare me the airhead jokes).

Anyway, this is a photo of one of my R&M 3804's. I traded some Hunter/R&M ceiling fan to Adrian Parrado for it. I going to perform some maintenance on it. It runs kinda slow. I think there is a short in the wiring. May just need some oil too. I love these fans. I have two others that you may have seen photos of. One 4 blade and one six blader. I read in some book that dealers used to switch blades out to make a sale, as six bladers were more desirable. Just like today apparently.

Thanks to all my readers. I am sorry that I don't blog more often, but I hope I have a good enough backlog to keep you entertained for a while. I noticed that there was a spike in traffic today. That is encouraging.

Peace out,


Anonymous said...


I think you blog just right. I'm still reading your back log and I enjoy checking to see if you've posted anything new.

Keep it up


PS. I think that front oscillator in your collection is one of the neatest fans I've ever seen. Gotta fine one!!

Larry Hancock said...


Thanks again. I really like that one too. You should see it work. It is neat.