Sunday, August 27, 2006

Westinghouse Whirlwind

Sometimes in my "eBay time" I run across a fan that just speaks to me.

Take this one for example. Just a little over a couple weeks ago, I was surfing and I almost passed it by. It screamed at me, "LARRY! HELP ME!" I replied, "Okay little fan. I will do what I can." Long story even longer... I bought it and the dutiful postal service sent it my way.

After I won the auction, I noticed that the seller did not accept PayPal. Bummer... I had our bank runner at work go get me a money order. No biggie, I just hate the wait.

Yesterday my daughter came in from playing with her friend and she was carrying this little jewel. I impatiently opened it up. I pulled it out and thought, "Man! This guy wasn't kidding when he said it needed a new cord." I thought I would be brave and plug it in anyway. Mistake! POP!!!! It reminded me of the time I blew a headwire on one of my Northwinds.

Later... In the fan cave...

Dr Larry carefully disassembles the little Whirlwind. I surveyed the damage and got all my tools and wiring accessories out. After a few minutes I had the fan reassembled and ready to plug in. Tension builds, Moment of truth. It did whril, but it made a terrible racket. Nurse! Oil! A few drops and the beaut was stealth. Well, not quite, but much better.

Then looked at the bottom. The original felt was long gone. So I got out some of my green felt and a sharpie. I trace around the base, cut it out, and with a little spray adhesive, we were in business.

Well little fan, you're home. Take you place.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Strange Happenings

The other day I watched an auction end where an 8" Seabreeze went for 76 or 78 dollars. I know we have all speculated on the reasons for such things. I just wish the people that in the hobby for money would go somewhere else. I wish there was somewhere for a group of people to buy fans that you had to be a collector and you could get a good deal on a fan.

There is no reason for a fan to cost as much as some do. In the end it is still a pile of metals that God will eventually reclaim.

Sure, I'd like to own a Feathervane, but my fans are just as nice to me. Plus they didn't cost near as much.

Just a little rant.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Doctor Fan

I NEED THERAPY!!!! I know what some of you are saying. "You can say that again..." Well you see, to me when life gets tough, I can just turn on a fan. It literally blows my troubles away. (Spare me the airhead jokes).

Anyway, this is a photo of one of my R&M 3804's. I traded some Hunter/R&M ceiling fan to Adrian Parrado for it. I going to perform some maintenance on it. It runs kinda slow. I think there is a short in the wiring. May just need some oil too. I love these fans. I have two others that you may have seen photos of. One 4 blade and one six blader. I read in some book that dealers used to switch blades out to make a sale, as six bladers were more desirable. Just like today apparently.

Thanks to all my readers. I am sorry that I don't blog more often, but I hope I have a good enough backlog to keep you entertained for a while. I noticed that there was a spike in traffic today. That is encouraging.

Peace out,