Sunday, July 09, 2006

I Can't Believe I Did It...

Well the story starts out positive. Last night my wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. She surprised me as always. She made a call and secured an Emerson Northwind 45o for me a gift. She gave it to me and I was overjoyed because you see, these fans are quickly becoming my favorite. There is just something that I love about them.

Anyway, We came home and I started messing with the fan. The first thing I always do check the cord for bare spots and then plug it in to see if it works. The fan started to turn then stopped suddenly. I quickly turned it off. Then my mind started to survey the evidence: Blades were free then stiff. First thought is the oscillator is bound up? Then I think maybe the motor tilt is too steep, causing the oscillator to jamb against the base. So I grab the wingnut and give a twist (just slightly). Thats when it happened. Half of the top of the neck just snapped off. My blood ran cold. I had killed a Northwind with my barehands. Forgive me oh fan god! Forgive me dear wife.

NEVER SAY DIE!!!! Even when it comes to potmetal... I scooped up the pieces of the broken Northwind. It was one clean break. I took it to my Fan ER. Nurse, Super Glue. I put on some gloves and set about setting the broken piece. After attempting to set it perfectly I finally did. Left it all night and all day today.

Today, after church, I ran by Lowes and grabbed some new glue called Gorilla glue because honestly, I thought the super glue would not hold long. Went home and began to reassemble the fan. The threads were very resistant and I knew the glue was just going to give way with the next twist as the tension grew(in me and on the bolt). Finally the fan was together and I had detached the oscillator arm. Someone had put a screw in there that was completely tightened down. I fired the fan up and it whirled to life. PARTY ON!!!

I like a challenge.


Anonymous said...

someone is readng your stuff. I'm trying to learn


Jerry Smith said...

I wanted to come up with something really clever, but it just didn't happen.....YOUR DOOMED !!!!!!!!!! Jerry S.