Saturday, June 03, 2006

Life After Disney

Well I am finally back from Disney and I can say it was worse than I expected it would be. It even forced my wife to admit something that she never admits... That I was right. Since this is my fan blog I will get on to the fan related material.

While at Disney I kept noticing that they spare no expense on props and decorations for everything including rides and gift shops. While waiting in lines and shopping I started to notice fans and I realized my purpose in being there. I was obviously there to report fan sightings.

First let me say that I couldn't get close enough to get any serial numbers or anything, but I will do my best to describe them for each of you.

First, In the Animal Kingdom. I was walking down the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and we went into the "Research House". On a high shelf was a GE Vortalex. It was the aqua blue 4 blade to give you some idea.

Second, In the Animal Kingdom. We stopped to eat at an in-park McDonald's labeled Restaurantasarus in Dinosaur land. The dining area was called "Vehicle Maintenance". On yet another shelf was an Emerson 77646. I couldn't get close enough to read the tag or tell anything else.

Third, Also the Animal Kingdom. In line for the new ride "Expedition Everest". I saw an Emerson 79648. It was in pretty bad shape, but it added to the scene well.

That was all for the Animal Kingdom park. The next day we went to MGM Studios.

First, Waiting in line for the Tower of Terror ride, I saw what I believed to be an Emerson 73648 on a desk. There are two lines that form just before you enter the ride and it was on the far line, around the corner.

Second, Just after the completion of the Tower of Terror ride, at the photo review station, I saw and Emerson 12" with 4 brass blades. It had a badge with the two fan blades above and below the label, but it wasn't the embossed badge. That should help some of you identify. I looked in the gallery but couldn't find one in there.

Third, In one of the many gift shops, high on a shelf was an 8" Command Air. It was perched on top of a small suitcase.

Forth, Just down the way from that gift shop was another shop with an old-fashioned movie ticket booth on the front. It had an old polar cub in it. It had Polar Cub in raised letters on the badge. It was painted solid flat black, as I recall.

That is the extent of what I saw. I just didn't have the time to explore like I wanted. I am sure there are more there. If any of you go check these out.

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