Monday, June 26, 2006

The Hunter Project (Painting Stage)

I have been working on The Hunter Project for several days now. I have stripped, cleaned, and primed. I have also sprayed on several layers of black and wet-sanded the pieces.

Sometimes I just hate painting. I am not a patient person. I tend to want to hurry and get finished on everything I do. Fortunately, I have a smidge of perfectionist in me and strike a fair balance. That is good because when you are painting it pays to take your time.

I guess in some ways I feel like if I don't hurry up, I'll forget how the fan goes back together. Maybe, I am afraid that I will loose a part. Perhaps most of all I think I enjoy reflecting on the hard work after it is over and looking at a job well done.

My brother is coming this weekend to visit, and I plan on asking him to work on this project with me. I think It'd be neat to say this is a fan my brother and I worked on together.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get final paint on so the parts can start curing. Next on to cleaning the brass and prepping the base for it's new felt. I'm so excited!

Later Y'all,

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