Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hunter No F13352

I have had this little fan for several years now. My Stepfather gave it to me for Christmas one year. It was the second fan in my official collection. When I first acquired it I couldn't even tell if the blades were brass. In fact I even tried once before I bought my bench grinder, to clean the blades off and finally gave up.

My fan collection started really growing three or four years ago. Since this fan I have added a few more to my collection. As my collection has grown, so have my skills for restoring and the arsenal of tools that I use.

With new zeal for restoration I have decided to tackle this fan. I want to put great care and detail into this restoration. I am hoping to take my skills to a new height.

I already have it apart and in varying states of readiness for paint. Some parts need further cleaning and some are already in primer. I have decided to use standard black lacquer and polish the brass. I plan on using the yellow and green braided wire that I have for the cord and headwire. I think that Lowes has the grommets and retro plug I will need. I will have to go looking for a good green felt though because all I have currently is Burgundy and Black. I will post some pics of the broken down fan soon.


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