Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Good Woman

I wanted to tell you about my wonderful, but deceptive, wife.


Last week my friend told me about some nice fans that happened into his antique store. Since his shop is 30 miles away, I couldn't just take off and drive up to look at them, so I waited and wondered about them.

Today, my family and I drove to this town and spent some time together. I asked my wife if she would mind letting me run by and see the fans. She snarled at me just like she always does when I mention fans. She says I have too many already. I just laugh and say, "No honey, that isn't possible." Anyway she consented so off we went. When we got there she said, "I am just going to stay in the car." I ran in and my friend was working so he took me over to a booth. I was very excited to see three Emersons. One 29645, one Emerson B Jr, and one Northwind 450. My friend asked which one I liked the best and I told him the 29645. I returned to my car and my wife she said, "Well?" I told her I liked them. She said you need to sell some before you buy anymore. I said okay. I assumed that was the end of it and we left with me broken hearted.

We headed back to Sikeston. When we arrived we went over to my "Out-laws". We started watching TV when my wife says, "I have to go to the store." She asks my brother-in-law's girlfriend to go with her. I am thinking this is weird, why now? Anyway back to TV... A few minutes later, the front door squeaks open in the kitchen and I hear rustling around then in walks my daughter with that 29645. She says in her little eight year old voice, "Happy Father's Day Daddy". I could have melted. My wife had planned the whole thing for a week. I looked at my wife who was standing a few feet behind with this smile on her face. I said, "I love you."

She had me go up there so my buddy could know which one I wanted and she called him on the cell phone later and arranged to pick the fan up. She is really good with surprises.

Anywho, I just wanted to share with you guys and gals.

Happy Father's Day


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