Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fan Envy

Recently, two fans popped onto the fan scene. These fans are the stuff of legend in collector circles. At first glance, my jaw dropped and I started to envy the owner of one and question the sanity of the other. You see one guy bought a fan and the other is selling a fan.

Let's make this short. First Darryl Hudson found a C&C bipolar fan. Below is a picture of the fan.

Next some antique radio collector is selling this next fan on eBay. (Crazy IMHO) This fan is another bipolar fan, but the brand name is Western Electric.

Both of these fans represent very early fan technology. The fact that they still exist is amazing, but still running... WOW.

The title of my post is Fan Envy. I labeled it that because these two fans taught me something. That is that you can't own them all and you should just be happy with what you have. That sounds like my wife talking. Help, she got in my head.


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