Saturday, June 10, 2006

Emerson Northwind Type 44C

Here is a picture of the Northwind I have been bugging everyone about. Thanks to Stan Adams for the lead on paint and encouragement to paint without removing the stator. Thanks to James Harrelson, my employer's maintenance guy, for the brushes and brush housings. They are a perfect fit replacement and more modern in design.

I reused the original cord and plug and head-wire they were in great shape. I also reused the original grommets they survived removal and re-installation. I used Odd's n Ends enamel paint from WalMart per Stans recommendation and I used a Clear Rustoleum lacquer for the top coat. I was pleased with the results of both. That Rustoleum is a really good lacquer.

I learned a great deal about the DC motor on this project. Thanks to all, including Darryl Hudson for the time he spent via email explaining things to me.

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