Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fan Envy

Recently, two fans popped onto the fan scene. These fans are the stuff of legend in collector circles. At first glance, my jaw dropped and I started to envy the owner of one and question the sanity of the other. You see one guy bought a fan and the other is selling a fan.

Let's make this short. First Darryl Hudson found a C&C bipolar fan. Below is a picture of the fan.

Next some antique radio collector is selling this next fan on eBay. (Crazy IMHO) This fan is another bipolar fan, but the brand name is Western Electric.

Both of these fans represent very early fan technology. The fact that they still exist is amazing, but still running... WOW.

The title of my post is Fan Envy. I labeled it that because these two fans taught me something. That is that you can't own them all and you should just be happy with what you have. That sounds like my wife talking. Help, she got in my head.


Monday, June 26, 2006

The Hunter Project (Painting Stage)

I have been working on The Hunter Project for several days now. I have stripped, cleaned, and primed. I have also sprayed on several layers of black and wet-sanded the pieces.

Sometimes I just hate painting. I am not a patient person. I tend to want to hurry and get finished on everything I do. Fortunately, I have a smidge of perfectionist in me and strike a fair balance. That is good because when you are painting it pays to take your time.

I guess in some ways I feel like if I don't hurry up, I'll forget how the fan goes back together. Maybe, I am afraid that I will loose a part. Perhaps most of all I think I enjoy reflecting on the hard work after it is over and looking at a job well done.

My brother is coming this weekend to visit, and I plan on asking him to work on this project with me. I think It'd be neat to say this is a fan my brother and I worked on together.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get final paint on so the parts can start curing. Next on to cleaning the brass and prepping the base for it's new felt. I'm so excited!

Later Y'all,

Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Good Woman

I wanted to tell you about my wonderful, but deceptive, wife.


Last week my friend told me about some nice fans that happened into his antique store. Since his shop is 30 miles away, I couldn't just take off and drive up to look at them, so I waited and wondered about them.

Today, my family and I drove to this town and spent some time together. I asked my wife if she would mind letting me run by and see the fans. She snarled at me just like she always does when I mention fans. She says I have too many already. I just laugh and say, "No honey, that isn't possible." Anyway she consented so off we went. When we got there she said, "I am just going to stay in the car." I ran in and my friend was working so he took me over to a booth. I was very excited to see three Emersons. One 29645, one Emerson B Jr, and one Northwind 450. My friend asked which one I liked the best and I told him the 29645. I returned to my car and my wife she said, "Well?" I told her I liked them. She said you need to sell some before you buy anymore. I said okay. I assumed that was the end of it and we left with me broken hearted.

We headed back to Sikeston. When we arrived we went over to my "Out-laws". We started watching TV when my wife says, "I have to go to the store." She asks my brother-in-law's girlfriend to go with her. I am thinking this is weird, why now? Anyway back to TV... A few minutes later, the front door squeaks open in the kitchen and I hear rustling around then in walks my daughter with that 29645. She says in her little eight year old voice, "Happy Father's Day Daddy". I could have melted. My wife had planned the whole thing for a week. I looked at my wife who was standing a few feet behind with this smile on her face. I said, "I love you."

She had me go up there so my buddy could know which one I wanted and she called him on the cell phone later and arranged to pick the fan up. She is really good with surprises.

Anywho, I just wanted to share with you guys and gals.

Happy Father's Day


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hunter No F13352

I have had this little fan for several years now. My Stepfather gave it to me for Christmas one year. It was the second fan in my official collection. When I first acquired it I couldn't even tell if the blades were brass. In fact I even tried once before I bought my bench grinder, to clean the blades off and finally gave up.

My fan collection started really growing three or four years ago. Since this fan I have added a few more to my collection. As my collection has grown, so have my skills for restoring and the arsenal of tools that I use.

With new zeal for restoration I have decided to tackle this fan. I want to put great care and detail into this restoration. I am hoping to take my skills to a new height.

I already have it apart and in varying states of readiness for paint. Some parts need further cleaning and some are already in primer. I have decided to use standard black lacquer and polish the brass. I plan on using the yellow and green braided wire that I have for the cord and headwire. I think that Lowes has the grommets and retro plug I will need. I will have to go looking for a good green felt though because all I have currently is Burgundy and Black. I will post some pics of the broken down fan soon.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Emerson Northwind Type 44C

Here is a picture of the Northwind I have been bugging everyone about. Thanks to Stan Adams for the lead on paint and encouragement to paint without removing the stator. Thanks to James Harrelson, my employer's maintenance guy, for the brushes and brush housings. They are a perfect fit replacement and more modern in design.

I reused the original cord and plug and head-wire they were in great shape. I also reused the original grommets they survived removal and re-installation. I used Odd's n Ends enamel paint from WalMart per Stans recommendation and I used a Clear Rustoleum lacquer for the top coat. I was pleased with the results of both. That Rustoleum is a really good lacquer.

I learned a great deal about the DC motor on this project. Thanks to all, including Darryl Hudson for the time he spent via email explaining things to me.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Life After Disney

Well I am finally back from Disney and I can say it was worse than I expected it would be. It even forced my wife to admit something that she never admits... That I was right. Since this is my fan blog I will get on to the fan related material.

While at Disney I kept noticing that they spare no expense on props and decorations for everything including rides and gift shops. While waiting in lines and shopping I started to notice fans and I realized my purpose in being there. I was obviously there to report fan sightings.

First let me say that I couldn't get close enough to get any serial numbers or anything, but I will do my best to describe them for each of you.

First, In the Animal Kingdom. I was walking down the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and we went into the "Research House". On a high shelf was a GE Vortalex. It was the aqua blue 4 blade to give you some idea.

Second, In the Animal Kingdom. We stopped to eat at an in-park McDonald's labeled Restaurantasarus in Dinosaur land. The dining area was called "Vehicle Maintenance". On yet another shelf was an Emerson 77646. I couldn't get close enough to read the tag or tell anything else.

Third, Also the Animal Kingdom. In line for the new ride "Expedition Everest". I saw an Emerson 79648. It was in pretty bad shape, but it added to the scene well.

That was all for the Animal Kingdom park. The next day we went to MGM Studios.

First, Waiting in line for the Tower of Terror ride, I saw what I believed to be an Emerson 73648 on a desk. There are two lines that form just before you enter the ride and it was on the far line, around the corner.

Second, Just after the completion of the Tower of Terror ride, at the photo review station, I saw and Emerson 12" with 4 brass blades. It had a badge with the two fan blades above and below the label, but it wasn't the embossed badge. That should help some of you identify. I looked in the gallery but couldn't find one in there.

Third, In one of the many gift shops, high on a shelf was an 8" Command Air. It was perched on top of a small suitcase.

Forth, Just down the way from that gift shop was another shop with an old-fashioned movie ticket booth on the front. It had an old polar cub in it. It had Polar Cub in raised letters on the badge. It was painted solid flat black, as I recall.

That is the extent of what I saw. I just didn't have the time to explore like I wanted. I am sure there are more there. If any of you go check these out.