Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Fan Prophecy

I have lately whined to what I call big time collectors about how it seems that all the great fans cost a fortune and it seems like all of them are rich and can afford fans that cost more than my car. My natural instinct kicks in just like anyone that collects anything and when you think something is old and rare you want it too. I am no different... well maybe a little.

I have seen photographs of different collectors who have some "rare" fans. They have hundreds or even thousands and either have whole buildings devoted to the shrine or rooms crowded with shelves and tables full. All I can think about is if that were me, I would be wondering about who would care enough to have them when I die. My family is not going to want it. (chances are slim anyway) They might want the money they are worth but only if they were sold in the current peaking Ebay market. That is another subject.

Ebay provides people with strange desires a place to seek and sell the objects of our twisted lust. By doing so allowing more people to see the item being sold. Also by doing that you increase the apparent worth. I say apparent because you have people in an auction atmosphere fighting for the same objects. The price goes through the roof because someone has more money than brains and others see it and assume that fans are hot. Antique dealers see it and assume all fans with dust on them are hot and you see overprice Eskimos in shops for 50 bucks. It makes the second place bidder try harder to get the next one that just happens onto the Ebay scene.

Getting back to the prophecy part. A few years ago I collected Hotwheels. You know the little diecast cars from Mattel. Man I got into them about the time every other Tom, Dick, & Harry was into it. I even joined the Hotwheels collectors club. I think their dues were 40 dollars. Anyway... I paid 35 bucks for one and 40 for a VW Bus that was going for 100 on Ebay. Everybody wanted that bus. I ended up with two. One is on a shelf in my office. I am proud of it, but I couldn't get my money back now. It turned out to be a fad. The interest waned and the prices fell. The collecting scene was inflated with hype.

I said all that to say this... I believe that one day the interest in fans will do something similar. I know they cannot continue to go up forever. They might climb some, but not forever. When it does happen, and I hope it does, prices will fall. This will allow "true fan collectors" the opportunity to get some nice specimen for their collections without selling children. The value of fans doesn't mean anything to me. Yes I like the rare and unique fans, who wouldn't, but it is certainly not due to the high prices they fetch. I wouldn't sell them if I had them. Which would lead me to a quandary like the "big time" collectors I described earlier. You can't take it with you!

I have a meager collection. Some I bought on Ebay from all over the US. Some from local antique stores. The ones I cherish the most are the ones that I have received from family and friends. That means more because they have some love in them.

If you decide to read my pathetic blog and you are a collector, Please don't criticize my thoughts. They are just that my thoughts. They might be wrong but they might not too. Just wait and see.

Props to my peeps

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