Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Harris Pharmacy

A friend called me the other day and informed me about an auction that was going to take place at a local pharmacy that was closing after several years in business. I decided to take a look. After work that day I drove by the place to scope it out. The door was open so I decided to go on inside. I found an Emerson 73648. The next day my friend Keely went to the auction in my place and got the fan for me for a good price. Friends are great.

That weekend I sat looking at the fan sitting in my dining area. I was thinking about how it must have set in that pharmacy for years and probably since it was new. I thought about all the people that came in and went out of the store during it's tour of service in climate control. It means a lot to me to own a part of that portion of local history. I know that sounds silly to some, but it is awesome to me. Just wanted to share.

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Chris Carlisle said...

HMMM......That is an interesting fan. I bet that fan has been sitting in Harris Pharmacy since it opened up decades ago. I am glad you got to get it. Your collection is really amazing. Keep up the good work!