Friday, May 19, 2006

Emerson Northwind Type 44C

I have decided to restore my Emerson Northwind 44C next. Many of you may already know this from the amount of posts that I have made on the AFCA website regarding questions. I decided to do this one because it does not function properly, so it will be a repair as well as a restore. I am excited. This fan is an eight inch from somewhere around 1917 (give or take a couple years). It is a AC/DC motor.

When I bought it on eBay the seller said everything was fine. When I opened it up the brush housing was broken and one of the springs were missing. The lady did refund me $10.00.

So this little fan has set on my shelf for sometime just waiting on me to get it ready. I have a friend that does some machine work and he is going to try to recreate a brush housing for me. I told him I want all the measurements so I can create a AutoCAD drawing for others to use. (When I get that I hope to post it on my website.)

If you have any suggestions feel free to post the comments by clicking below. Also be sure to check back in for progress. Right now I have it apart and waiting for some time to take the original paint off.


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