Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ebay Victory

I got on my wife's laptop this fine Saturday morning, as is my normal morning ritual, to peruse the selection of fans for sale on Ebay. To my surprise I found a nice little Emerson Seabreeze 8" Non Osc. There was only 3 hours and a few minutes to go till the auction ended and there were no bids. The starting bid price was only 5.99 so I though there might be something wrong here. I wondered could it be a huge packing charge or something? Maybe the fan is damaged and it is not clearly shown in the photo... I decided to shoot an email to the seller inquiring about this potential jewel. He responded quickly and gave me a reasonable shipping quote and assured me there was nothing wrong with this fan.

So I started watching it. I was sitting close to the computer anyway, so it was easy to reach over and hit refresh every once in a while. To my continued surprise there were no bidders. I figured these wonderful AFCA brethren of mine were poised and ready to snipe. I guess no one really wanted it cause I picked up the fan for less than 20 bucks including shipping. The guy's feedback says well packed on everything so I am confident that it will arrive undamaged. Stay tuned to see if that is in fact the case. Peace out!!!

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