Thursday, January 12, 2006

Joining AFCA

I finally did something that I never thought I could. I broke down and joined the AFCA Antique Fan Collectors Association... We had a good year at work this year and we were awarded a bonus. I consulted with wife over the cost of joining the AFCA, and she lovingly said, "Go ahead, You deserve it." I could have just kissed her mouth for that. I have my dues on their way and am looking forward to reading The Fancollector. As well as the fellowship. Oh just the idea of talking with folks about fans without them thinking you are crazy.

Bit of old news. My brother in law bought me an old Westinghouse fan for Christmas. I was sooo moved by the gift. Thanks so much Chadd.

I haven't posted for awhile, but that is okay cause no one reads it anyway. So if someone is reading this post, don't be offended, I really appreciate it. Feel free to leave comments...



DBurr said...

Hey Larry,

Glad to see you've joined up. I decided to join AFCA last year (starting this year). I enjoy reading your posts on various fans (especially the Emerson 77646 since I'm working on a similar one).

Chris Carlisle said...

Hey Larry,

People do read your postings. When I get a chance, I pop over to your blog and check things out. Your fans are very nice and you do have a nice collection started. Someday I might even start to collect fans to add to the two that I have. I have that big project of mine to finish before I even think about anything else. It's 10:57 AM, Jan 18th. I am curious how long it will take you to notice I left a comment.