Tuesday, January 24, 2006

77646 AS

Well it is finished. I cannot tell you how happy I am. Some of you can relate I am sure. Let's recap. I used parts from two 646's and one 648 to accomplish this feat. Thanks to Bill Arfmann for the good stator. Thanks to Duane Burright who offered encouragement while we simultaneously tackled 646's. To John Fengel for encouragement with photos of fine work of his own. If I misspelled names guys I apologize, it is late as I type.

Technical info. As I thought about what kind of wiring to use, I decided I wanted cloth naturally and braided. I took some yellow and green braided wire I had and dyed it. I took shorter lengths and braided my own three wire headwire. I was pleased. I put a new capacitor from mouser.com, thanks for the lead and all the electrical advice Johnny Mac.

I struggled sometime with ideas for the color-scheme. John F provided lots of ideas as I mentioned earlier, he is a creative person. After talking with Duane a couple times on the phone, I decided to go black on the cage and blades. I painted to bolt heads all black and used black felt on the bottom. The handle is also black. The wiring all hand dyed as mentioned earlier. I Polished the badge and top plate and left them original as a reminder. The rest of the fan is painted using Dupli-Color Wheel coating to give it that metallic look then coated with clear lacquer. I am very pleased. I am going to replace the plug you see in this photo. It was all I had at the time. Thanks for the help everyone. This fan means a lot to me.

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