Thursday, November 24, 2005

GE Vortalex

If you want to see this fan, click on the My Fan Site link to the right and go to view my collection. I went to Paducah KY back in the summer with some friends and spent the night. While we were there, we went to some antique stores down on the riverfront. I found several fans, but nothing extravagant. I found this little fan for 20 dollars. I had wanted one for some time. I remember my Aunt Callie had one very similar to this one. I remember my Aunt Callie would always have wild cherry Bubble Yum bubble gum at church on Sunday morning. She gave me and my brother and sister each a silver dollar and a two dollar bill. I still have those. It has been years since she passed away, but I will never forget her. Back to the fan before I start to weep.

When I got it home, I plugged it up and turned it on. It only ran on the low speed. This burdened me somewhat, but since the base seemed to be riveted on, I didn't want to try to work on it until I understood more about riveting. Many fans later I discussed this little ge with a friend and we talked about the rivets that were keeping from repairing this little jewel. He told me that it wouldn't be a big deal to put new ones in. So with newfound courage to tear into it, I went home and started tinkering. I found that they weren't really rivets at all, but a strange kind of pin that splits at the end and clamps the base cover on.

With the base off, I set about removing the toggle switch and the speed coil. I cleaned them thoroughly with contact cleaner and plugged the fan in with the switch in the high position. It still wouldn't work. Cuss cuss. Then I seeing how the toggle switch worked I thought maybe there was some corrosion on the contacts that was really stubborn. I grabbed my screwdriver and started to scrape. Shortly thereafter the fan came to life on high speed. SCORE! I returned the base cover to the fan and put the pins in and I felt good again.

Failure to blog

I know that I have not posted in a while. Please forgive me. Know that I have not been idle in regard to fans. Here are some brief updates. I worked on my Vortalex and got the hi speed working again. I bought a red and black badge Emerson Junior oscillator. I have my eye on a couple new prospects. I am looking to acquire another parts fan to finish the 646.

Couple of requests. If you are part of my blogging audience, please leave comments. I think readers might enjoy your comments regarding these subjects also. Second request is, if you are a fan fan, mention to your friends of the fan persuasion about my site and blog. Give me some ideas on how I can further develop the site for your use.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Gotta Love That Junior

Well you might recall from a previous post a story of when the wife and I went antiquing on a Saturday in a town about 30 miles from here. I gave you the laundry list of fans that found their way into my line of sight. One fan I mentioned was an Emerson Jr. It had been damaged severely.

Here is the reason I am bringing this up... I just couldn't get that fan out of my mind. I kept thinking about how I could have brought this fan home and fixed it and made it part of my collection. (Else it probably would have got a one way ticket to dumpster city.) That coupled with the desire I have always had for one of these red and black badged critters, I just had to have it.

It just so happens that I have a friend that works across the street from the shop where that little fan was. I broke down and asked him to get it for me next time he had to go to work. He agreed to do it. I waited patiently for an entire week for that little Jr to make it home. Friday came and I decided to give the guy a call. He said, "You didn't tell me to get it for sure..." I was thinking, "Yes I did." Oh well, I said, "Consider yourself authorized to purchase it." I had to wait another painful week. Finally the day came. Anticipation had me by the short hairs. I had to call. Just so happens my buddy took off early that day. He had stopped by Hobby Lobby. He said, "I got the fan." I said, "Yes!" He said, "Wagner, right?" I said, "$#%@ no!" After I explained his error, he told me that it might be difficult to switch, because dealers don't like to give refunds. He told me that he would try anyway. I waited what seemed like forever, before finally the phone rang and I answered to hear my squirrelly friend say, "score!" He said that it was in the same booth and was the same price so the guy didn't have a problem switching.

Later on I met up with him to give him some cash in trade for my prize. I threw it in the vehicle and drove home in a dash. That evening I brought the ugly duckling into my cave (workshop). I remove the cage and began to message it back to the shape it was meant to have. I got a pair of channel locks and gingerly reshaped the blades. Before I knew it, she was as straight as and arrow. A little oil and it was running great. Sweet!!!! Welcome Home.