Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A New Fan Friend

I sat down to eat my supper last evening and the phone began to ring. My wife answers as always, its usually for her anyway, on the other end was one of my good friends who is a general contractor and goes to church where I do. I heard little bits of the conversation over the television and deduced that we would soon have a visitor, not knowing yet who it was. My wife got off the phone and said, "Cole is coming by. He has something to show you." I knew it must be fans, but I didn't want to sound like a nut so I played ignorant.
A few minutes later, just as expected he pulls in our driveway. He comes to the door and my wife goes to greet him, inviting him in. He makes his way into the living room, and says, "come on outside." I eagerly jump to my feet desiring to know what type of fan he has. Once out at his truck he displays a Sear & Roebuck fan and an Emerson 6250 D. He tells me that some old fella he was doing some work for gave them to him and told him they did not work. We talked about them for a little bit and he asked me what I thought they were worth, and I explained my philosophy on the value of fans all the way from ebay to your personal attachment. He made clear his intention of keeping them.
To conclude, I am thrilled that he has a total of three fans now, and seems genuinely enthused with them. Welcome to the hobby my friend. I look forward to many conversations that we can have regarding it.

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