Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Goodbye Junior

Most of my friends know that I am a fan nut, so last week one of my friends at work brought me a newspaper clipping advertising an estate auction. The estate belonged to one Charles (Junior) Dinkens. The ad said Lots of Fans. Yes!!! I made plans with another friend to attend. So Saturday, my friend and I headed to a rural area about 50 minutes from Sikeston to attend this estate auction. We arrived around 10 minutes before the auctions started. I set out to find the fans. I combed through trailers of junk, tables of glass figurines, and piles of junky furniture before I saw them, I whole stack of box fans. I ran over and saw probably 5 plastic bladed box fans. There was a metal bladed 20 box fan made by Kenmore and a larger metal bladed Superelectric window fan. I was interested in the two of these fans. We got our number from the clerk and patiently waited for the auction to begin. Then an overweight man in a cowboy hat grabbed the mic and proceeded to rock the place. It became apparent that these folks were in no hurry. We stayed for over an hour waiting, and my friend bought several items that caught his eye. I however was tired of standing there smelling mold and breathing the secondhand smoke from everyone. We left fanless, which is okay, I chalk it up to an experience and my respects to Mr Junior Dinkens.

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