Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Charlie Brown said it best...

ARGGGHHH!!!!! I knew I shouldn't have started this crazy fan. It has been nothing but trouble. I am just gonna leave it alone for the time being.

Anyway. I have never had this much difficulty wiring a fan. I have sought help from several experts and I am thankful for all their advice and encouragement. I have tested everything I can think of as well as I know how. Yet the darned thing still wont start without a spin. Ironically this is the best painting I have ever done.

I got a personal invitation to an AFCA event the other day and I want to go so bad. I know if I take this cursed beast, they'll lay holy hands of fan restoration talent upon it and shed some educational light on my very frustrated mind. Again the irony, I want to go, but my family has other plans for me. God forbid I get to do something without a guilt-trip for once.

I know what you're thinking, quit whining and be patient. Good advice! I thinks that's what I will do.

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