Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Understanding Weirdness

Many people ask me, why fans... One of my daughter's friends even looked me in the eye and said, "that's retarded!" Okay the way I see it... Yes it is a little strange, but I did not choose this hobby, it chose me. When you are a child and you put down a toy to spin the blades on fan, or you're playing in a barn with friends and you're stopped in your tracks because you've discovered a dust covered fan. Then you know it is natural. I worked on two box fans that my Aunt Nellie gave me. I cleaned repainted and rewired them. I did this at age 10. I remember my Grandpa Hancock had a fan called a Mathes. It had a wooded box. I remember that even though I was eight when he died. My Aunt Callie had a GE Vortalex. I didn't know what they were called then, but I remember those blades ever so vividly. My Grandpa Toler would give me refrigeration fans and motors out of old soda boxes that had gone south. These were some of my most treasured toys. I am much older now and there is a group of folks called the AFCA (The American Fan Collectors Association). I didn't discover them until four or five years ago. These folks are for the most part good folks, I only know a few, and they have helped me learn things to enhance my love for the hobby. As I have grown, I have decided to embrace my fascination as a hobby. I have learned to relish the history behind them. I have met one other friend that shares the love as I do, and I cherish that friendship very dearly. If you’re reading this. Thanks for listening.


Silly Moose said...

Hey, what you do is what you do my man. I mean look at me, I even have a shirt proclaiming that I have "turned to the dork side."

Besides, what's normal besides what the majority is just striving for? Wierd is awesome. Embrace it.

Larry Hancock said...

I can always count you moose.