Friday, September 23, 2005

Fear of the Bid

As many of you know, Ebay is a large source of fans. I myself enjoy, just watching what goes through. Every once in a while there will come a fan that I must have. I determine my price and go for it. I usually have it restored in my mind before it is won. Fast forward>>>Here I am I won the bid. I am overcome with joy. Then just as fast as I got happy, I am riddled with fear. "How am I gonna break it to my wife?" "What is she gonna say?" I want her to be excited for me, or better yet that we have added another fan to our collection. She'll just say, "How many fans do you need?" She is right. I don't need any. I am starting to realize that it isn't about how many, but that part of the hobby is going after them. They are each a trophy. One that tells it's own story in my mind. They through restoration tell another story of endurance and a brush with the dumpster. There are all levels and reasoning for each collector. Some of you guys are wealthy and retired. That would be a good place to be for a fan collector. Some obsess about quantity. Some like me can't afford pancakes, gyros, and hurricanes. We just drewl over pictures of them, and settle for descent 20's and 30's models that are pretty beat up. Whatever stage your in, love the hobby, help others when your can, and enjoy the fellowship. Let's face it, some don't understand, but they don't know what their missing.

Peace out!

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