Saturday, September 24, 2005

Fan Shopping

I went "junkin" today. I had a really good time. I love going to downtown antique stores, not knowing just what they'll hold. I go through them pretty quick because I think the smell of some makes me somewhat sick. I prowled today into the basement of a neat little antique mall. I found a nice little Jr. It was kinda cheap, but not cheap enough considering it looked like it had fallen on its face and smashed the blades backward. I could have fixed it but I wasn't ready to spend that kind of money for damaged goods. There was a few others that found their way into my path, but nothing very rare. Lets see, there was a Signal, an Emerson 2150, a 77646 (marked not for sale, oh the irony!), two larger overpriced Emersons from the 50's, varying models of GE's of the stamped sheet metal variety, a Coronado, an extremely overpriced 8 inch Emerson that I have eyeballed before. Finally, an odd little story, several weeks ago I journeyed to a small town near here to visit some antique shoppes that I hadn't been to in a while. When I was there I found a couple fans I was interested in. One was a 16in BB Century oscillator. My mean wife tried to hide it from me. I was marked reasonably in price then I noticed that it said, "motor just hums". No big... I have had them before. Anyway, due to the little spat with the dearest, I did not acquire the fan that day. Since that day I have thought about that fan and considered driving to pick it up. Well, today was interesting because the second shop we hit had several fans in it, like a westinghouse with BB but they didn't look like they belonged. It was too expensive anyway, but just before I exited this fine establishment, I saw it, the same Century that had haunted my mind all these weeks. Someone bought it and moved it to their display in another store. Same little note "motor just hums". Today, I passed on everthing I saw and got beat on an auction. Where's my pills!!


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